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If you find yourself wondering How to send gifts to Pakistan? Gift n delights got you covered. Gift n Delights is a premium and trustworthy Gift delivery service in Pakistan. We help you deliver everything from cakes to customized gift boxes and for every occasion as well.

Our Gifts include from Cakes, Flowers, Chocolate, Mithai, Watches, Perfumes, Teddy Bears, greeting cards etc. Our online shop has made shopping for a gift for your friends and family living in Pakistan hassle free. You can search for any gift on our search bar. Looking for something different? You can contact us at +92 323 1598377 and we will love to help you get the special gift you are looking for.

Sending Gifts to Pakistan never been this Easy!

Everybody likes to receive gifts and in Pakistan we love to send gifts to our friends and family. Giving and receiving has always been in our culture. Gifts n Delights understand all this so its our motto to help you get the gifts to your loved one living in Pakistan. Just let us know when and where, our team will deliver at the right moment.

Be it be anyone’s birthday, Anniversary, Promotion or any other happy moment in someone’s life, we can deliver gifts for every occasion. Our online gift shop has all the things in one place. Looking for something different you can always contact our team and we can look into a customized gift basket for you.

Send Gifts to Pakistan from UK, USA, Canada, UAE or Any Other Country.

Most of us are living overseas away from our loved ones. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t in our hearts, what other way to let them know of your love by sending them gifts. You can deliver gifts to Pakistan from USA, UK, Canada, UAE or any other country. We deliver everything at competitive rate. So, don’t miss the chance to show your loved one your affection from them by sending a gift.

We do timely gift delivery in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Rawalpindi.  Our Express Gift delivery service is all about premium quality, so don’t worry your loved one will receive the best service from Gifts n Delights.

Send Flowers to Pakistan

One of our main service is Sending Flowers to Pakistan. Why Flowers they seem like an obvious gift right?

The truth is we all just love the natural beauty of flowers and how they always lift our mood. Flowers are a forever gift for every occasion. They can also be a great way to show and express your love, feelings, and emotion with anyone. There is a flower for every occasion and here at Gifts n Delights we got you covered. We have a range of collection of different flowers, Bouquets, baskets and many more. Its always fun to surprise someone with flowers is always fun and makes the moment memorable for them.

We also offer personalized note, so you write something for the special someone. You can send Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary Flowers to Pakistan form UK, USA, Canada or any other country. Our Team will make sure to choose the freshest and most vibrant Flowers for you.

Also, if you are in a hurry sending Flowers are the best choice. They are both affordable and everybody loves receiving them.  With our Express Delivery service, you can Send flowers to Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Karachi.

Send Cakes to Pakistan

Just like flowers we also send cakes to Pakistan from the UK, USA, Canada, etc.  We know because of the distance its hard to maintain a strong relation with your loved ones. That’s where we at Gifts n Delights come in, we know that cakes are the perfect fit for any occasion. It is not that you can only surprise your loved ones with a cake only on their birthday. You can literally show your love with delicious and beautiful cakes for any happy occasion whether it is a wedding, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day housewarming, baby shower, graduation, etc.…

Another great thing about sending cake as a gift is there are an endless number of cakes available for all occasions like chocolate cake, fresh fruit cake, premium cakes, wedding cake, cheese cake, photo cakes and many more. Anything custom? We got you covered in that case as well. Gifts n Delights offer custom cakes as well.

If you want the cake to be delivered at the last minute, Our Express Gift Delivery service lets you choose the time and place. This way you can surprise the receiver at the right moment as well. We know that cakes are almost everyone’s favorite dessert to enjoy so we made delivering cake to Pakistan easy.

Send Chocolates to Pakistan

We all know that chocolate is the sweetest gift that you can give anyone. So why not send chocolates as gift to Pakistan. Chocolate is also known as the food of love so it’s a winner for men and women, young and old, everyone enjoys them. They can be a small gesture of appreciation such as for a job well done or a very romantic, public display of affection. What other way to say I love you than a box filled with chocolates.

Gifts n Delights Offer customized chocolate boxes with the best choice of chocolates available. Even those who do not eat sugar can still enjoy chocolate treats with our sugar-free options.

Send Mithai to Pakistan

Gifting Mithai has always been a part of Pakistani Tradition. We always take a basket of these sweet delights on every happy occasion we go to. So, what if you can’t go to the occasion this time? We at Gifts n Delights can deliver mithai to Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Karachi for you.

We offer a variety of sweets and halwas packed in beautiful gift boxes that will let your loved one know that you are part of the celebration as well. You can send Mithai on someone’s wedding, engagement, Housewarming, delivering a happy news etc.  

Gifts n Delights Gift Combo

Sometime you want to send something more than one thing to show your appreciation, love or feeling for someone. We here at Gifts n Delights offer gift combos as well. We have different combos while, here are some of our best sellers.

  • The Wife Combo: A Heart shaped box with the best chocolate, with aromatic scented perfume and purse of your favorite color.
  • The Husband Combo: Genuine Leather wallet and Belt packed with a nice scented perfume.
  • The Valentine Combo: A Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers with a Heart shaped box of chocolate and a valentine’s day card.
  • The Mom & Dad: Two Mugs with message worlds #1 Mom and # 1 Dad.
  • And many more

You get the freedom to choose which is the best gift to send to Pakistan. You can check the rest of the combos on our Gift Combos.

Check out our Gift Baskets

Another great option for gifts would be gift baskets. It can be one of the best surprises that you can give to your friends and family living in Pakistan. Gift Basket contains an assortment of fresh seasonal fruits (Mangoes, Grapes, Apples, Peach, etc.), dry fruits (Peanuts, Pistachio, Walnuts, Dates, etc.), salted snacks, cookies, to gourmet chocolates.

You can send these baskets on housewarmings, birthdays, weddings, or any other occasion.

Occasions to keep an eye for.

  There are some occasions that you might need to prepare a gift in advance

  1. Eid (2 May 2022 & 9 July 2022): Eid is a day of joy for every Muslim living in Pakistan. What to gift on Eid? Gift baskets are always a great idea—especially ones that include simple sweet treats or local delicacies. That is something we offer Before Eid Every year so why not check it out.
  2. Ramadan ( 2 April 2022): Ramadan is the one of the most important holy month for Muslims so It is a tradition to give gifts to loved ones during this special month for sharing blessings with one another. We offer special deals throughout the month so you can choose the best gift to send to family in Pakistan.
  3. Mother’s Day (9 May 2022): For everyone their mom has a special place in their heart. Why not show her your love by sending her a gift. Find Mother’s Day flowers, cakes, gift baskets, and so much more at our store.
  4. Father’s Day (20 June 2022): Just like your mom your dad also holds a special place so why not make it special for your dad by giving him priceless gifts in the form of chocolates, cakes, and several other hand-picked options.
  5. Christmas (25 December 2022): Giving and Receiving gifts is a tradition for Christians throughout the world. You can send Special cakes, Gifts, and assorted baskets as gifts to your Christian friends living in Pakistan as well.
  6. Valentine Day (14 February 2022): Valentines Day is another day to show your love to that special person in your heart. We offer special combos, baskets and deals on valentine’s day.

There are other Occasions and our special deals you can follow us on Instagram ( ) to get notified as soon as they go live.

Why Choose Gifts n Delights?

We at Gifts n Delights are not only offering the best and authentic gifts but also at the best competitive rates. Our Brand provides the best delivery services with a premium 24/7 customer support that are there to answer all your questions. We assure you that your gifts will reach your loved ones in time.

The Qualities that keep us ahead one step from our competition is

  • 24/7 Online Support to Answer all your Questions
  • On time Delivery every time.
  • Timely Delivery in Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Karachi.
  • Best Assortment of Gifts at a Competitive Price.
  • Variety of Cakes, Flowers and Gifts to Choose From.
  • Deals for Every Occasion.
  • Beautiful Packing of Products.

We at Gifts n Delights examine all our products before dispatching then for delivery and only deal with authentic and well-known dealers. So just feel free to browse through our online shop and send gifts to Pakistan now2