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Send Chocolate Box to Pakistan

Are you in the mood to send something sweet and delightful to someone special? Why don’t you try our Chocolate Box?

Useful Ordering Info: 2 Days advance ordering is requested for date-specific deliveries.
Deliverable Cities: Islamabad, Rawalpindi

Product Info: Product may vary slightly from the picture.

Box Contain:

Small: KitKat, Snickers, Twix, Bounty, Oreo, M&Ms, Nutella Sticks, Kinder Surprise, Mars, Dairy Milk, FOX Candies, Polac Can.

Medium: 3 x KitKat, 3 x Snickers, 3 x Twix, 3 x Bounty, 3 x Oreo, 3 x M&Ms, 3 x Nutella Sticks, 3 x Kinder Surprise, 3 x Mars, 3 x Dairy Milk, 1 x FOX Candies, 1 x Polac Can.

Large: 5 x KitKat, 5 x Snickers, 5 x Twix, 5 x Bounty, 5 x Oreo, 5 x M&Ms, 5 x Nutella Sticks, 5 x Kinder Surprise, 5 x Mars, 5 x Dairy Milk, FOX Candies, Polac Can.

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19 reviews for Chocolate Box

  1. Badyah (verified owner)

    Thank you so much gifts n delights for delivering everything timely…

    size: Small x 1
  2. Farida (verified owner)

    You guys are rock stars!! Your service is wonderful which I wasn’t expecting that kind of

    size: Small x 1
  3. Khatija (verified owner)

    special niece, as she got married, and I could not be a part of celebrations.

    size: Large x 1
  4. Noor (verified owner)

    Excellent service, ma Sha Allah!

    size: Large x 1
  5. Sarah (verified owner)

    I got my gift

    size: Small x 1
  6. Shaaheen (verified owner)

    You guys are doing a superb job

    size: Medium x 1
  7. Aadab (verified owner)

    I appreciate ur gift-giving skills n I am very grateful to you for the beautiful gifts n I really like them ..

    size: Small x 1
  8. Fatima (verified owner)


    size: Small x 1
  9. Shehnaz (verified owner)

    team excellent product, excellent customer support, and delivery on time highly

    size: Large x 1
  10. Taleeha (verified owner)

    Excellent service and delivery were on time…

    size: Small x 1
  11. Sumaaya (verified owner)

    May you grow more and more. Ameen

    size: Medium x 1
  12. Ilhaam (verified owner)

    on short notice. It was like a blessing for me to be able to send my sentiments to my very

    size: Small x 1
  13. Ahad (verified owner)

    professional and recommend

    size: Small x 1
  14. Deemah (verified owner)

    Thanks a ton again!!!

    size: Small x 1
  15. Aaliya (verified owner)

    Very good quality and very good fast service……i love it… i m really very happy….

    size: Small x 1
  16. Amtulah (verified owner)

    name in good words!!

    size: Medium x 1
  17. Kaadira (verified owner)

    Very good quality and very good fast service……i love it… i m really very happy….

    size: Medium x 1
  18. Asma (verified owner)

    deliver on time and everything was very fresh. Remarkable service! Glad to see such

    size: Medium x 1
  19. Zahira (verified owner)

    We Are Highly Recommend This Service Delivery On Time And Best Quality Product

    size: Medium x 1
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